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Everything you need to know about Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus is one of our favourite dinosaurs. Of course our very favourite one is Prince, the big blue Stegosaurus in The Mighty Claws Adventures stories. But when he’s not around we still think they’re great. And here’s why:

Crushing on Greens
Stegosaurus ate gastroliths. Small stones that ground its favourite vegetables up in its stomach.  It is believed to have eaten plants such as mosses, ferns, horsetails, cycads and conifers or fruits. No grass though, because it didn’t exist yet. True, but hard to swallow.

Chew on this one

The Stegosaurus didn’t have many teeth. It only had a toothless beak at the front of its mouth, and small teeth in its cheeks. You know the old saying, ‘remember to chew your food’? Well it would have fallen on deaf ears 65 million years ago.

No way! Yes way.

Scientist think Stegosaurus may have been able to lift itself up onto two legs. Imagine that! That way it could reach higher branches of trees and had an even more diverse diet.

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