Mighty Claws Blog


If dinosaurs had smartphones they would have been selfie mad. Of course they would, look at all those teeth. Perfect for big grins.  And when you visit us at Mighty Claws you’ll turn into a selfie monster too.

We love your selfes too, so once a month we’ll choose our favourite #mightyclaws photo from Facebook and Instagram. The winner gets a double thumbs up from us and a free Mighty Claws ticket.

Naturally the competition will be tough, so here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Imagine this, you’re strolling casually through the Mesozoic Era, when suddenly – what’s that behind you? It’s a giant T-Rex! Now make the face you’d make then.
  2. Think about the camera as a mean Pterosaur who’s swooping in to try and eat you. Scare him off with your most terrifying roar.
  3. Try different face shapes to create the noise you imagine a Velociraptor to make. Probably a cross between a squeal and a chirp.

Good luck and stay safe in Mighty Claw Valley!